Bitec roof coatings transform dark-colored, energy-absorbing roofs into bright-colored roofs that reflect the sun’s rays, lowering energy costs and increasing the life cycle of the roof system. Our coatings are designed for asphalt roofs.


MAC-200 is an asphaltic-based aluminum roof coating that can reduce roof temperatures 15 degrees or more, helping to lower energy costs.



MAC-300 provides a reflective shield over new and old roofs, reducing roof degradation and increasing the useable life of the roof.



Imper-Sol is a CRRC-rated, white acrylic roof coating that can reduce roof temperatures by 50 to 80 degrees, saving significant amounts of energy costs.


All values given are approximate and are subject to change without notice. There is no implied or express warranty given through these values, or statements, nor are there any assertions that the product purchased has been individually tested to conform to these standards. Testing is performed on a random basis, "in house" and at times with third party evaluation for the purpose of classification and or approval. Acceptance, purchase and selection of these products is the sole responsibility of the roofing contractor, architect, consultant, owner or buyer. We participate in UL and FMRC follow-up service in order to keep our classifications and approvals active.