SBS Cap Sheets

Each project has its own unique needs. That’s why our line of SBS membranes provides strength, proven performance and a variety of installation methods, helping to achieve your project’s exact performance objectives.

Membranas Superiores SBS (Español)

Why are Bitec SBS membranes better?

The quality and performance can’t be beat. Although our products are sold through distribution, they are anything but commodity grade. We pride ourselves on the quality we’ve maintained for more than 30 years.


SFM-3.5H is strong, puncture resistant and has excellent low temperature flexibility, making this mineral surfaced modified bitumen membrane ideal for applications in climates with extreme temperature variations.

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SFM-3.5H-FR provides the same benefits as SPM-3.5H, but has a UL Class A fire rating, offering additional protection.

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SPM-3.5H is a polyester-reinforced, modified bitumen membrane with a mineral surface to provide protection from heat and UV radiation.

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SPM-4H is a mineral-surfaced modified bitumen membrane composed of carefully selected asphalts and reinforcements that work together to provide superior waterproofing protection.

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SPM-4H-250 provides a slightly stronger reinforcement than SPM-4H for applications with significant building movement, heavy foot traffic or extreme weather conditions.

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SPM-4.5T is a torch-applied, puncture and fatigue resistant modified bitumen membrane, offering a clean, seamless look and proven watertight performance.

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SPS-3H is a smooth-surfaced modified bitumen membrane that can be used as either a cap sheet or base sheet. When used as a cap sheet, it must be coated or flood coated.

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Mineral Designs MDS

Mineral Designs MDS is a SBS modified membrane available in various colors and patterns to enhance the aesthetics of both low slope and pitched roofs while also providing excellent waterproofing protection.

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All values given are approximate and are subject to change without notice. There is no implied or express warranty given through these values, or statements, nor are there any assertions that the product purchased has been individually tested to conform to these standards. Testing is performed on a random basis, "in house" and at times with third party evaluation for the purpose of classification and or approval. Acceptance, purchase and selection of these products is the sole responsibility of the roofing contractor, architect, consultant, owner or buyer. We participate in UL and FMRC follow-up service in order to keep our classifications and approvals active.